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The Michigan-Israel Partnership (MIP) for Research and Education has been a thriving, collaborative program since its inception in 2011. MIP has launched scientific advances and fostered lasting collaborations between researchers from the University of Michigan, Weizmann Institute of Science, and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology with research interests ranging from many medical and scientific disciplines. The strong foundation of this partnership as witnessed by the continued swell of new collaborations, grant submissions, and highly attended annual symposium will continue to lead to success in research and innovation.


Monday, December 7, 2020

 08:20 EST/15:20 IST

Session 1: COVID Science

Moderator: Marilia Cascalho, MD, PhD - University of Michigan

Yotam Bar-On, PhD - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

"Isolation and characterization of rare SARS-CoV-2 variants by single-genome sequencing"

Salim Hayek, MD - University of Michigan

“Inflammation in COVID-19: Quantifying it and Implications for Patient Care”

David Markovitz, MD - University of Michigan
Nose drops to prevent or treat SARS-CoV-2 and other coronavirus infections

 09:05 EST/16:05 IST

Break | Poster Voting

 09:10 EST/16:10 IST
 09:55 EST/16:55 IST

Keynote Lecture

 Moderator: Peleg Hasson, PhD - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Aaron Ciechanover, MD, DSc - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

“Bioethics in the interface between up-to-date technologies and their customer - the sick patient: relevance to the Corona Pandemic.”

 10:35 EST/17:35 IST

Break | Poster Voting

 10:45 EST/17:45 IST

Session 2: Biomedical Devices

Moderator: Parag Patil, MD, PhD - University of Michigan

Yonatan Savir, PhD - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

"AI-based Thermal Imaging for Non-Contact Remote Monitoring of Patients Vital Signs"

Efrat Shema, PhD - Weizmann Institute of Science

“Single-Molecule Epigenetics: Decoding the Epigenome for Cancer Research and Diagnostics”

Cynthia Chestek, PhD - University of Michigan

“Neural Interfaces for high speed control of orthotics and prosthetics"

Amir Landesberg MD, PhD - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

“Optimization of mechanical ventilation of Covid-19 patients with some myocardial dysfunction, the role of the cardiopulmonary vicious cycle”

Yonina Eldar, PhD - Weizmann Institute of Science

“Point of Care Image Analysis for COVID-19”

 12:30 EST/19:30 IST

Closing Remarks from Organizing Committee

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

 08:00 EST/15:00 IST

Welcome Remarks from Organizing Committee

 08:10 EST/15:10 IST

Session 3: Precision Health

Moderator: Roy Kishony, PhD - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Amos Tanay, PhD - Weizmann Institute of Science

“Personalized and quantitative models for clinical evaluation of standard lab tests”

Liran Shlush, MD - Weizmann Institute of Science

“Clonal hematopoiesis and the early diagnosis and prevention of AML”

Mathew Stracy, PhD - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

“Predicting emergence of antibiotic resistance during treatment of urinary tract infections”

Betsy Foxman, PhD - University of Michigan

Overview on ongoing UM projects

Lona Mody, MD, MSc - University of Michigan

“Dynamics of nose/throat microbiome among nursing home residents: A cohort study”

Jenna Wiens, PhD - University of Michigan
“Optimizing nanopore technology using machine learning”

 09:40 EST/16:40 IST

Break | Last Call for Poster Votes

 09:45 EST/16:45 IST

Session 4: Aging

Moderator: Ofer Binah, PhD, MSc - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Daniel Goldstein, MD - University of Michigan

Novel mechanisms of age enhanced cardiovascular disease

Ami Aronheim, PhD - Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

“Crosstalk between the heart and cancer”

Valery Krizhanovsky, PhD - Weizmann Institute of Science

“Senescent cells as drivers of aging and age-related diseases”

Adi Kimchi, PhD - Weizmann Institute of Science

“Combining functional perturbations with proteomic signatures for identifying molecular pathways driving cellular senescence”

Henry Paulson, MD, PhD - University of Michigan

The Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center: building networks to understand age-related brain diseases

 11:00 EST/18:00 IST


 11:40 EST/18:40 IST

Remarks on Behalf of the Kahn Family

Andrea (Kahn) Wolfe

 11:50 EST/18:50 IST

Poster Awards Announced